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The present volume contains the full proceedings (papers and discussions) of the International Colloquium on Ebola Virus Infection and other Haemorrhagic Fevers, organized in Antwerp, Belgium, 6-8 December 1977.

This three-day meeting was co-sponsored by the World Health Organization and the Prince Leopold Institute of Tropical Medicine and received additional support from the Belgian Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Education, and the National Foundation of Scientific Research.

The purpose of the colloquium was to present and discuss all the information available on Ebola Virus. Its Proceedings may well remain for some time a standard reference work on the subject, while illustrating at the same time the large gaps in our knowledge concerning the virus and the disease it causes.

An effort was also made to include information on other haemorrhagic diseases, with due attention to their public health aspects.

The help of Dr. P. Brès from the World Health Organization in elaborating the programme is much appreciated. My special thanks go to Mr. G. Roelants, Librarian of the Prince Leopold Institute, for his assistance in preparing the typescript.


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