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Collection of information concerning virology:
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National Library of Medicine, Bibliography: VHFs, 1723 Citations

(Arena, Bunya, Flavi, Toga)
Catalog of Arboviruses (CDC)
Short Summary on Arboviruses
the Arena Virus Family
Substantial information on Australian Arboviruses
Dr. M. Hunt: Virology - Arboviruses

Single Viruses

Arbia virus (Bunya-Phlebo) Virus group information: Phlebovirus
Arbia virus (CDC)
Characterization of Arbia virus
Arumwot virus (Bunya-Phlebo) Virus group information: Phlebovirus
Isolation of viruses in West Africa
Bhanja virus (Bunya-unassigned) Virus group information: Phlebovirus
Bhanja virus (CDC)
Characterization of Bhanja virus
Biogeography of Bhanja virus
Bunyamwera virus (Bunya-Bunya) Virus information: Bunyamwera virus
Bunyamwera virus infection
Replication of Bunyamwera
California Encephalitis (Bunya-Bunya) Virus information: California Encephalitis virus
California Serogroup viruses
California encephalitis virus - first description
Calovo virus = Batai virus (Bunya-Orthobunya) Virus information: Calovo virus (CDC)
Short information on Calovo
Article mentioning Calovo
Camelpox (Pox-Orthopox) Virus information: Orthopox
Camelpox virus
OIE - Chapter on Camelpox
Chikungunya (Toga-Alpha) Virus information: Chikungunya virus
Chikungunya virus (CDC)
Comprehensive information for travellers (CDC)
Concise information on Chikungunya
Corfu (Bunya-Phlebo) Virus group information: Phlebovirus
Distribution of Sandflies in Northern Greece
Cowpox (Pox-Orthopox) Virus information: Orthopox
Virus information
General information
Crimean-Congo HF (Bunya-Nairo) Virus information: Crimean-congo HF
CCHF Fact Sheet (CDC)
CCHF information (CDC)
CCHF in South Africa: What is Crimean-congo HF
transmission of CCHF: Fascinating facts
CCHF: essential data
Dengue 1-4 (Flavi-Flavi) Virus information: Dengue virus
Dengue virus
Comprehensive information for travellers (CDC)
World Distribution of Dengue
WHO-Publication on Dengue
Guidelines on management of dengue/dengue HF
in small hospitals
(.pdf file)
WHO Information - Dengue Epidemics
CDC-Information on Dengue/HF and Fact sheet
Dhori virus (Orthomyxo-"thogoto like") Virus information: Dhori virus
Article on Dhori virus
Dobrava-Belgrade virus (Bunya-Hanta) Virus-group information: Bunya virus
Dobrava-Belgrade virus: phylogeny, epidemiology, disease
The Hantaviruses of Europe
Characterisation of Dobrava Virus
Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in Yugoslavia
First Molecular Identification of Human Dobrava Virus Infection in Central Europe
Dugbe virus (Bunya-Nairo) Virus-group information: Nairo virus
Dugbe virus: a tick-borne arbovirus from Nigeria.
Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) (Toga-Alpha) Virus information: EEE virus
What is EEE
Fact Sheet (CDC)
US map of EEE infections
OIE - Chapter on Equine Encephalomyelitis (Western & Eastern)
Ebola virus (Filo-Filo) Virus information: Ebola virus
Ebola Virus Haemorrhagic Fever (Book)
travel information (CDC)
Substantial Information (CDC)
Hantavirus (Bunya-Hanta) Virus information: Hantavirus
Hantavirus Background Information
CDC-Information: All about Hantaviruses (HPS)
CDC-Information on Hantaviruses (HFRS)
The Hantaviruses of Europe
Substantial Slideshow on Hantaviruses (New World)
Hantaan virus (Bunya-Hanta) Virus information: Hantaan virus
Structural Studies of Hantaan Virus
Hendra Virus (Paramyxo-Henipa) Virus information: Hendra virus
Fact Sheet (CDC)
Info (WHO)
Information of the CSIRO
OIE - Chapter on Hendra & Nipah
Herpes virus B (Herpes-Simplex)
Virus-group information: Simplexvirus
Fact Sheet (CDC)
Comprehensive article on Herpes B
Inkoo virus (Bunya-Bunya) Virus-group information: Inkoo virus
Article on Inkoo virus
Japanese Encephalitis (Flavi-Flavi) Virus-group information: Japanese encephalitis group
Information in depth (CDC)
Comprehensive information for travellers (CDC)
Japanese Encephalitis Vaccination (WHO)
OIE - Chapter on Japanese Encephalitis
Junin virus (Arena-Tacaribe) Virus-group information: Junin virus
Material safety data sheet
Substantal information
Short summary: South American hemorrhagic fevers
Karimabad virus (Bunya-Phlebo) Virus-group information: Rift Valley fever complex
Karimabad virus (CDC)
WHO Article on sandfly fever
Kunjin virus (Flavi-Flavi) Virus-group information: West Nile virus group
Australian arbovirus surveillance
Australian Case Definition
Australian Fact Sheet
A case of Kunjin Encephalitis
Kyasanur Forest virus (Flavi-Flavi) Virus-group information: Kyasanur forest disease virus
Material safety data sheet
Overview (CDC)
La Crosse virus (Bunya-Bunya) Virus-group information: La Crosse virus
Fact Sheet (CDC)
Information on LCV (CDC)
US map of La Crosse infections
Langat virus (Flavi-Flavi) Virus-group information: Langat
Short description and References (French)
Lassa Fever (Arena-'LCMV-LASV') Virus information: Lassa virus
travel information
Slide show (CDC)
Material safety data sheet
Information on Lassa (CDC)
Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis virus
Virus information: LCM virus
History of LCMV
Information on LCMV (CDC)
List of recognised Arenaviruses
Louping ill virus (Flavi-Flavi) Virus-group information: Louping ill virus
Short summary & references: Louping ill in sheep/cattle/people
General Information
Fact Sheet
Machupo virus (Arena-Tacaribe) Virus information: Machupo virus
Prospects for the Control of Bolivian hemorrhagic fever
Epidemiology and History
Material safety data sheet
List of recognised Arenaviruses
Marburg virus (Filo-Filo) Virus information: Marburg virus
All about Marburg virus (CDC)
travel information
Substantial Information (WHO)
Mayaro virus (Toga-Alpha) Virus information: Mayaro virus
Material Safety Data Sheet
Family Cluster of Mayaro Fever in Venezuela (CDC)
Mayaro virus disease
Mayaro virus fever in french Guiana
Monkeypox (Pox-Orthopox) Virus-group information: Orthopoxvirus
Information on Monkeypox
More Information on Monkeypox (CDC)
Material safety data sheet
Mousepox (Ectromelia) (Pox-Orthopox) Virus-group information: Orthopoxvirus
Article on Mousepox
Murray Valley Encephalitis (Flavi-Flavi) Virus-group information: Murray Valley virus
Australian Case Definition
Australian Fact Sheet
Australian Surveillance
Australian arbovirus surveillance
Nipah Virus (Paramyxo-Henipa) Virus-group information: Nipah virus
Info (WHO)
Fact Sheet (CDC)
Information on Nipah (Secretariat of the Pacific Community)
OIE - Chapter on Hendra & Nipah
Ntaya virus (Flavi-Flavi) Virus information: Ntaya virus
Article on Ntaya virus
Ockelbo virus (Toga-Alpha) Virus information: Ockelbo virus
Ockelbo disease and Ockelbo virus
Structure of the Ockelbo virus genome
Structure of the Ockelbo virus genome
O'nyong-nyong (Toga-Alpha) Virus information: O'nyong-nyong
O'nyong-nyong in Chad (CDC)
Emergence of Epidemic O'nyong-nyong
Material Safety Data Sheet
Etymology O'nyong-nyong
Palma virus (Bunya-unassigned) Virus-group information: Bhanja virus group
Reference:      A.R. Filipe et al. (1994):
"Palma Virus, a New Bunyaviridae Isolated from Ticks in Portugal";
(abstract) (article)
Polio virus 1-3 (Picorna-Entero) Virus information: Polio virus
Comprehensive information for travellers (CDC)
the Poliovirus Life Cycle
Many Aspects of Polio
Poliomyelitis History
Powassan (Flavi-Flavi) Virus-group information: Powassan
Short description and References
Comprehensive information
Powasssan encephalitis
Material Safety Data Sheet
US map of Powassan infections
Punta Toro virus (Bunya-Phlebo) Virus information: Punta Toro complex
Article on Punta Toro
Puumala virus (Bunya-Hanta) Virus-group information: Puumala virus
Fact Sheet (CDC)
Hanta in Finland
Patterns of Puumala in Finland
Rabies virus (Rhabdo-Lyssa) Virus-group information: Rabies virus
Comprehensive information for travellers (CDC)
Human and animal rabies (WHO)
Human Rabies Prevention: 1999 Recommendations
of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)
Substantial Information (CDC)
Netdoctor on rabies
OIE - Chapter on Rabies
Reston virus (Filo-Filo) Virus-group information: Reston virus
CDC Information on Reston: Filovirus Infektion in Monkeys
Rift Valley Fever virus (Bunya-Phlebo) Virus-group information: Rift Valley fever complex
Recognizing Rift Valley Fever
Distribution of RVF
WHO - Fact sheet
OIE - Chapter on Rift Valley Fever
Rio bravo virus (Flavi-Flavi) Virus information: Rio bravo virus
Biochemical and Biophysical Characteristics of Rio bravo Virus
Ross River virus (Toga-Alpha) Virus information: Ross River virus
Short Summary: Ross River Virus
Australian Case Definition
Australian Fact Sheet
Incidence in Australia 1992-2003
Saaremaa virus (Bunya-Hanta) Virus-group information: Saarema virus
Article on Saarema
Hantaviruses of Europe
Distinction of Saaremaa and Dobrava virus
Salehabad virus (Bunya-Phlebo) Virus information: Salehabad virus
Characterization of Salehabad (Abstract)
Sandfly Fever virus Naples (Bunya-Phlebo) Virus information: Sandfly fever Naples virus
Short Information (French)
Sandfly Fever virus Sicilian (Bunya-Phlebo) Virus information: Sandfly fever Sicilian virus
Short Information (French)
Semliki Forest virus (Toga-Alpha) Virus information: Semliki Forest virus
Structure of an enveloped virus: Semliki Forest Virus
Semliki Forest Virus Chimera Demo
Semliki Forest Vector
Material Safety Data Sheet
Seoul virus (Bunya-Hanta) Virus-group information: Seoul virus
Fact Sheet (CDC)
Article on outbreak (CDC)
Seoul in Europe (FR)
Seoul in Europe (UK)
Simian Agent 8/HPV2 (Herpes-Simplex) Virus-group information: Simplexvirus
Data Sheet
Article on Simian Agent 8 (Abstract)
Sindbis virus (Toga-Alpha) Virus information: Sindbis virus
Material Safety Data Sheet
The assembly of Sindbis virus
Sindbis virus in Northern Europe
Sin nombre (Four Corners)(Bunya-Hanta) Virus information: Sin nombre
Information on Sin nombre
More about Hanta/Sin nombre (CDC)
Studies on Sin nombre 1994-2006(slide show)
Sin nombre (slide show)
Smallpox (Pox-Orthopox) Virus information: variola virus
Comprehensive information for travellers (CDC)
Substantial information (CDC)
CDC - Smallpox: Basics
Smallpox profile
Future research on smallpox recommended
Snowshoe hare virus (Bunya-Bunya) Virus information: Snowshoe hare virus
Case report
St. Louis Encephalitis (Flavi-Flavi) Virus information: St. Louis Encephalitis virus
Fact sheet (CDC)
Saint Louis Encephalitis: A Florida Problem
US map of SLE infections
Material Safety Data Sheet
Tahyna virus (Bunya-Bunya) Virus information: Tahyna virus
Human infection
Article on Tahyna
Tehran virus (Bunya-Phlebo) Virus-group information: Tehran virus
Taxonomy: Bunyaviridae
Theran virus (CDC)
Thogoto virus (Orthomyxo-"thogoto like") Virus-group information: thogoto virus
Short description (French)
Thogoto virus
Tick-Borne Encephalitis (Flavi-Flavi) Virus-group information: Tick-borne Encephalitis virus
International Prevention Initiative on TBE (Multi-Langual)
Distribution of TBE (= FSME) in Germany (German)
Distribution of TBE (= FSME) in Europe - Interactive (German)
Climate and Tickborne Encephalitis
Substantial information on TBE
Monograph on TBE (Baxter)
Traveler Information on TBE (CDC)
Tonate virus (VEE-Complex)(Toga-Alpha) Virus information: Tonate virus
Article on Tonate virus Abstract  /  Article
Recovery of Tonate virus....
Toscana virus (Bunya-Phlebo) Virus-group information: Toscana virus
Article on Toscana virus in Europe
Article on Emergence of Toscana virus in Europe
Tribeč virus (Reo-Orbi) Virus-group information: tribec virus
Article on Tribeč virus Abstract  /  Article
Tribeč virus (CDC)
Tula virus (Bunya-Hanta) Virus-group information: Hanta virus
Infection by Tula
Article on Tula
Uganda S (Flavi-Flavi) Virus information: Uganda S
Antigenic relatedness of selected flaviviruses Abstract  /  Article
Short description (French)
Article on Uganda S (Abstract)
Uganda S virus (CDC)
Uukuniemi (Bunya-Phlebo) Virus-group information: Uukuniemi
Virus particle function
Abstract of Article on maturation
Abstract of Article on characterization
Vaccinia virus (Pox-Orthopox) Virus information: Orthopoxvirus
Short description
the vaccinia virion 3D tour
Comprehensive overview
Safety Data Sheet
Small Pox Fact Sheet (CDC)
Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis (VEE)
Virus information: VEE virus
VEE as BT Agent
Information on Arboviral Encephalitides (CDC)
VEE outbreak 1995
Safety Data Sheet
OIE - Chapter on Venezelan Equine Encephalomyelitis
Western Equine Encephalitis (WEE)
Virus information: WEE virus
Fact Sheet on WEE:
Information on Arboviral Encephalitides (CDC)
US map of WEE infections
OIE - Chapter on Equine Encephalomyelitis (Western & Eastern)
West Nile Fever (Flavi-Flavi) Virus information: West Nile Fever virus
Mosquito-borne viruses in western Europe: a review (Abstract)
West Nile Fever in Europe
Substantial Information (CDC)
US map of WNF infections
Safety Data Sheet
OIE - Chapter on West Nile fever
Yellow Fever (Flavi-Flavi) Virus information: Yellow fever virus
Comprehensive information for travellers (CDC)
Substantial Information on Yellow fever (WHO)
Information and Global Distribution of Yellow fever
Fact Sheet: Yellow Fever (WHO)
Zika virus (Flavi-Flavi) Virus-group information: Zika virus
Outbreak report 2007(CDC)
Outbreak report 2014(CDC)

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