Diagnostic tests performed by ENIVD

List of tests performed in the European laboratories:

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Clickable map of European countries offering diagnostics for viral diseases
Test-UK Test-Sweden Test-Finland Test-Lithuania Test-Germany Test-Austria Test-Slovenia Test-Greece Test-Italy Test-Switzerland Test-Portugal Test-Spain Test-France Test-Belgium Test-Netherlands Test Slovakia Test Latvia Test Bulgaria Test Denmark Test Hungary Test Norway Test-Ireland Test-Czech Rep. Test-Poland Test-Bosnia-Herzegovina Test-Estonia Test Turkey Test Cyprus Test-Iceland Test-Iceland
The lists on the diagnostics are based on the information given by the respective institutes and
on the CAP/QA survey done according to the ECDC call OJ/2007/1001 - PROC/2007/019 .

   Austria   Belgium   Bosnia & Herzegovina   Bulgaria   Croatia   Cyprus   Czech Rep.   Denmark   Estonia   Finland   France   French OT  
FYROM   Germany   Great Britain   Greece   Hungary   Iceland   Ireland   Israel   Italy   Kosovo   Latvia   Lithuania   Luxembourg   Malta  
Netherlands  Norway   Poland   Portugal  Romania   Russia   Saudi Arabia   Serbia   Slovakia   Slovenia   Spain   Sweden   Switzerland   Turkey